Let me begin by introducing myself. I am Git Gitau (Gitau is pronounced as Git-a-O). I am a born again Christian and a father to Elizabeth Gitau. I am Engaged to one lovely lady, Anita Iweriebor and together we plan to start a family very soon by the grace of God.

…What are some of my interests?

Well, for starters I am a coffee lover. I love theology, both in its reading and teaching/equipping others. I spent most of my time studying the bible and reading from faithful servants of God.

I love reading from the old preachers and theologians such as Augustine of Hippo, Charles Spurgeon, A.W.Pink, Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, and many others. …What do I believe?

  • I believe in Christ as Lord and Savior
  • I believe in the doctrine of the Trinity
  • I believe in reformed theology
  • I believe the 5 Solas of reformation
  • I affirm the doctrines of grace, also known as Calvinism.
  • I believe in the Great Commission

Contact Me

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions, prayer requests or words of encouragement, don't hesitate to write me through the contact form provided. Kindly note that though I read every email, I am simply not able to respond to all of them on time.

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