Faithful is He who calls you, and will also do it.”

I Thessalonians 5:24

Heaven is a place where we will never sin– where we’ll cease our constant watch against a tireless enemy, because there will be no tempter to ensnare our feet. There the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest. Heaven is the “undefiled inheritance”; it is the land of perfect holiness, and, therefore, of complete security. But even while on earth don’t the saints sometimes taste the joys of blissful security? The teaching of Scripture is that all who are united with the Lamb are safe– that all the righteous will hold fast on their journey.

When we’re sustained by this great truth we can enjoy security even on earth– not the kind of security that keeps us free from every slip, but rather, the holy security that arises from the sure promise that no one who belongs to Jesus will ever die, but will be with Him where He is. Believer, let’s reflect often and with joy on the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints and honor the faithfulness of our God by exercising a holy confidence in Him.

May our God bring home to you a sense of your safety in Christ Jesus! May He assure you that your name is engraved on His hand, and whisper in your ear the promise, “Don’t be afraid, I am with you.” Look upon Him, the great Guarantor of the covenant, the One who is Faithful and True, the One who is pledged to present you blameless before God’s throne. You are destined to drink the King’s wine and eat the satisfying fruits of Paradise. He is faithful, and He will do it.


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