I rejoiced greatly, when the brothers came and testified of the truth that is in you–even as you walk in the truth.”

3 John 3

The truth was in Gaius, and Gaius walked in the truth. If the first hadn’t been true, the second could never have occurred; and if the second couldn’t be said of him, the first would have been a mere pretence. Truth must enter into the soul, penetrate, and saturate it, or else it is of no value.

Doctrines held as a matter of creed are like bread that is merely held in the hand. If it stays in the hand, no nourishment ever gets to the body; but doctrine accepted by the heart is like digested food that sustains and builds up the body. In us truth must be a living force, an active energy, an indwelling reality, a part of our very being. If it is IN us, then we can not do without it. A man may lose his clothing or his limbs, but his inward parts are vital and can’t be torn away without absolute loss of life. A Christian can die, but he cannot deny the truth.

It is said that the food eaten by certain worms colors the cocoons of silk which they spin, and so it is with truth in a man’s life—it gives a tinge to every word and deed proceeding from him. To walk in the truth imports a life of integrity, holiness, faithfulness, and simplicity.

O gracious Spirit of God, let us be ruled and governed by Your authority today so that nothing false or sinful may reign in our hearts and extend its malignant influence to our daily walk among men.


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